CBAr – Comitê Brasileiro de Arbitragem – Christophe Seraglini spoke at the 17th International Arbitration Conference in Brazil

17 September 2018

Global Arbitration Review – French defence company seeks to stay and compel cases

17 August 2018

AIAC – Should Malaysia Adopt the French Solution Concerning the Recognition of Annulled Awards? By Christophe Seraglini

15 August 2018

ICC – Échanges Internationaux n°111 – Mediator, a fascinating experience. By Dominique Perben

8 August 2018

Le Monde du Droit – Le retrait des États Unis de l’Accord de Vienne sur le programme nucléaire iranien : une situation juridique contrasté

25 July 2018

ICC YAF – Julien Fouret spoke at the YAF European Conference in Lisbon

29 June 2018

Rigzone – African Petroleum Seeks Arbitration As Senegal Talks Break Down

25 June 2018

Franco-Québécois’ symposium – Julien Fouret spoke about “the ICSID tribunals and the currency”

22 June 2018

BSIJ – BETTO SERAGLINI for International Justice supporte the defence of the lawyers imprisoned in Turkey

22 June 2018

ITA – Gaëlle Le Quillec and Christophe Seraglini went at the ITA Annual Meeting in Dallas

20 June 2018

YPCP – Gaëlle Filhol discussed business perspectives in construction project at the Young Professionals of Construction in Paris

30 May 2018

ICC – Julien Fouret spoke about “Investment arbitration and banking operations”

29 May 2018


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