Fond de Dotation – Presentation this morning of the latest projects supported by BETTO SERAGLINI for International Justice : Forum réfugiés-Cosi, Grandir Dignement, Délégués pour la paix, Alliance ADH, Défense de la Défense en Turquie.

15 May 2019

Le Mot de La Semaine – “Extradition – The European arrest warrant post Brexit” in the Semaine Juridique, video and article in partnership with Le Club des Juristes, with Martin Pradel.

15 April 2019

Vis Moot – Alexandre Reynaud coached the French team of the EFB to the 26th Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna

13 April 2019

PAW – 4th International Arbitration Boutiques Meeting hosted by ARBLIT and BETTO SERAGLINI in Paris

3 April 2019

ICC YAF – Interim Measures and Security for Costs in International Arbitration, Vilnius, Lithuania, with Julien Fouret.

29 March 2019

ECPM – Fonds de dotation Betto Seraglini for International Justice at the 7th World Congress against the death penalty

28 February 2019

Barreau Entrepreneurial « Vos atouts pour l’international : premières règles et conseils pour engager votre activité à l’international”, conference with Luiza Saldanha Pena Costa

21 February 2019

ArbitralWomen – How the Prague Rules may be introduced into cases?, with Gaëlle Filhol

20 February 2019

CFA – “The judge review of the lack of infringement to public order: past, present, future”, with Christophe Seraglini

14 February 2019

ICC – 34th Annual ICC SIA QMC Joint Symposium of Arbitrators: “Grounds for revising an award: procedural fraud”, with Christophe Seraglini

14 February 2019

El Club Español del Arbitraje and the Comité Français de l’Arbitrage – Round Table: «France and Spain query Prague’s rules», with Gaëlle Le Quillec

8 February 2019

Global Arbitration Review – EU court adviser endorses ISDS in CETA, with Julien Fouret

29 January 2019


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